Dan Scott -

Software Engineer

A bit about me

My name is Daniel Scott, I'm 24 years old, originally from Alton, Hampshire but currently studying Computer Science, at Plymouth university and I'm currently in my second year of study. I am a Software Engineer with a passion for learning and building with cutting edge technology, to hopefully one day help shape the future of technology.

I have extensive knowledge within the Computer Science field, speciailising in C# and Java mainly as those are the languages I have used the most. One of my main areas of study is TCP/IP network communication as it's really how I got into programming from the early age of 13, although as a Computer Scientist, I'm always playing around with concepts and ideas. Whether that's on the web in the form of a HTML/CSS/Javascript website or some really dirty low level C++/Assembly code.

Interested in finding out more? Visit this link to view my Resume on Github.